Y R We Doing This Anyway?

At YRI Custom Designs we have been in the business of catering our specialty products to a diverse audience for logo’d products.  We felt it was time to offer an inclusive element to our new lifestyle brand that drops anchor on the logo to keep life lucid.  Lucid, being luminous and simply understood. That’s why in launching our lifestyle brand we’re taking what we know, building great high-quality leather and ribbon products, and bridging it with what we’ve come to understand about the people who stand by them. Whether you’re an artist, writer, businessperson, or engineer, we all go by different names and roles.  It’s what we take with us that helps us make meaning of these roles and relationships, helping us develop a holistic sense of identity.  So that’s why in our lifestyle collection we want you to think about what serves you in defining your roles, what tools will facilitate your best day by helping you bring what brings you.