Our Materials

YRI Lifestyle was born and raised in America. Made in Maine, the people behind the product embody what the American spirit is all about; Resilience, Durability, & Adaptability have been what it takes for American manufacturers to succeed in a globalized environment.

To us, these people are the backbone of what makes America great. Our products and their stories stand as testimonies towards this belief. Built to last as an extension of self rather than just an accessory, these products are made to work for you.

Many manufacturing operations of companies have moved offshore, a compromise we won’t make here at YRI.  We take pride in seeing the product through start to finish, and we support the domestic manufacturers who pour their hearts and souls into their work.

Tasman Industries, USA

Tasman Industries is the tannery we pull our finest leather from.  They have been in the leather business for 70 years now and have took the title as a major supplier in the Global Leather Market. Tasman has  "dedicated their resources necessary to again produce breathtakingly beautiful leather on American soil."   Tasman aims to bring pride back to this country and the "Made in America" brand. 

Noted for its softer temper, the Nappa leather that makes up the Tasman leather collection is pliable and touchably smooth.  It’s bold yet variable, giving it its own character with the end user in mind.

Horween Leather Co. 

With 100 years under its belt, Horween manufacturing both figuratively and literally has buckled down in the leather industry to stay.  Their focus on producing quality leather without shortcuts to the finished product aligns with YRI’s goal of providing you the same quality until it is in your hands.  With guiding service principles such as quality, innovation, and consistency, this translates into a more consistent, higher quality product on our end.  After all, you get what you put in, which is why at YRI, we partner with this well established manufacturer whose recipe for success and customer assurance has stood the test of time.  


Noted for its superior comfort and durability, and made with a traditional craftsmanship that's more an art than the typical procedural processes within the manufacturing business. Chromexcel is a feature leather used in YRI products.  This combination tanned leather produced by Horween undergoes 89 separate processes, with the formula that sees it through to creation largely unchanged since its inception.  The aesthetic of the product as well as the devotion to a method that yields the highest quality leather over time can be summed up in one word; classic.  So while it may sound suitable to polish up on your classics now and then, for YRI we’ve been making polished classic a mainstay in describing our products.

Waxed Canvas

Originally used for maritime purposes and quickly later for war endeavors, this fabric has been made to take on whatever life battles. From the big blue to you,  we have partnered with Carr Textiles to get the fabric from out West to be hand-stitched in New England made to order.  Waxed canvas is noted for it's cool, weathered appearance and ability to uphold when life isn't always so sunny.  Performing optimally in all temperatures, this long-lasting fabric is rubbed with linseed oil that repels water, moisture, and time.  Agelessly, waxed canvas patinas beautifully, behaving much like our high-quality leather.  The tight plied-yarn is woven to be resistant to tearing, offering a durable belt or bag that can withstand what you bring to life.   
End Note:
All leather products are manufactured in the US, meaning we have a hand in seeing our products through from creation to finished product, never sacrificing quality for the sake of cost. Our take on tradition is as such; traditions that stand the test of time are ones that were built on sound principle. Our tradition towards the highest quality product has meant keeping manufacturing processes here in the US where too many have began moving these processes offshore to reduce costs.  We value being as hands-on as the domestic suppliers who provide us with the inputs to our YRI specialty products, and we believe our commitment to these principles show itself in the consistency and quality of the products we deliver.  This well rounded approach leaves no space for cutting corners.
Stand out products that stand up for what we believe in. Join US on our journey to support American manufacturers, and create quality products start to finish.